Monday, August 31, 2015

Week #64 in Texas - Brownwood, TX

This week has been such a long and short week at the same time! Goodness! But it has been so rewarding.

So Kevin passed his baptismal interview this week! We are so excited for him to get baptized! He is so ready.

We were able to go to Abilene for Stake Conference this weekend and it was so wonderful! But there were so many shenanigans on the way! Always! We were going to caravan with the Comanche and Brady Elders (who were driving in the same car) all the way to Abilene, but we get about 25 minutes out of Brownwood, and their tire blew out in front of us. Nice. So they tried to fix the tire and Sister Camadeco and were laughing, trying to make it a lighter situation. Haha, all 4 of the Elders were huddled around the tire in their best--it was hilarious. Long story short, they broke their tire iron, and stripped the lug nuts. Nice.  They told us to drive on to Abilene.  Later, they told us that they walked miles and miles to get a can of fix-a-flat, then drove 30 mph on the side of the road back to Brownwood, where their OTHER tire then proceeded to blow. Then they had to walk more miles back to our apartment where they had parked the other Elder’s car, so that they could drive and get help. So sad! We felt so bad! But they made it eventually! We missed Saturday’s conference because we were so late, but all of us, including the elders, were able to go on Sunday, and it was a beautiful conference! We also got to spend Saturday night with the Abilene STL’s, which one is Sister Langston! So we got to talk and catch up and have a little sleepover with 5 sets of Sisters. So fun! The joy I feel each day can’t be measured.

Our investigators are doing so well! We are making a lot of progress with them. I love them so much! Hopefully our investigator Helen will be baptized on September 12, as well as Kevin! Please pray for her as well!

Thank you for all of your support! Please pray for me these next few weeks; I am going to really need them! And I know I’m at the end, but if you wanted to still send me letters, ya’ll could! Because I kind of need them now more than ever! Thank you!!


Hermana Bleyl

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