Monday, August 24, 2015

Week #62 in Texas - Brownwood, Texas

What a great week this has been! We are so excited for our investigators!

One of the first days we got here we were trying former investigators, and we knocked on one of their doors and they didn't live there anymore, but another lady named Tiffany did, and we talked with her and she seemed super interested! She is the cutest little mom with a five year old and a 5 month old! But her and her husband’s schedules were so hectic, that we could never meet with them! Finally, this week we were able to meet with Tiffany, but John was still at work. We brought Sister McCombs with us, who has a 4 year old son and a 7 month old baby too! Perfect fellowship! So the kids played and we taught the Restoration, and Tiffany felt the Spirit so strong! Then John came in towards the end of the lesson and was so sad he missed it! But we talked to both of them about the Book of Mormon and they were very excited. Then we went back 2 days later for another appointment, and brought the whole McCombs family with us! But John was working again! Side note - cutest thing EVER. We walked in and her son Junior was drawing the picture of Jesus in the front of the Book of Mormon. So cute! We read Joseph Smith’s testimony with Tiffany and she loved it! She was really excited to keep reading the Book of Mormon. Sister McCombs offered to pick her and her kids up for church and she was so grateful! Then, we were leaving with the McCombs and John pulled up! So we got to talk to him again, and he started getting emotional. He told us that ever since we came into his life, it’s all he and his wife can talk about, and he feels the Spirit so strong whenever we are around. It was so beautiful and I love that the McComb family got to be a part of that as well! This family is golden! Then Tiffany and her 2 kids came to church and stayed all 3 hours and loved it. She participated in all the classes and she said that she really enjoyed it, and is excited when her husband can get off work to come as well! Please pray for their family that all things will continue to go well! With how well they are doing, the adversary is not far behind in trying not to let them accept this! Please, please pray for this little family. We love them so much already.

We also had our investigator Doug come to church and stayed all 3 hours as well, even though he just got out of the hospital! It was great! The ward is wonderful with fellowship and he felt very welcome! Please pray he can have the strength to quick smoking and that we can set a baptismal date with him!

This week we have seen so many blessings and we got another great flash of hope and success for the souls here in Brownwood. We truly love this area so much. It is so prepared for the Gospel and these people are begging for it, they just don't know where to find it! Please continue to pray for us and our area, I feel a continued sense of urgency to help everyone that I can!

Thank you for all your love, prayers and support! We feel them, and we desperately need them!


Hermana Bleyl

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