Friday, March 20, 2015

Week #40 in Texas - Monahans, TX

Well! Where to begin with this week, and seeing pictures of my dad IN MY AREA just topped that off! It really has been an amazing week! Our investigators are doing wonderful and we are so excited for them!

We have met with Everett 3 times this week, and he is doing so amazing on keeping the Word of wisdom and reading the Book of Mormon! He really is so humble and has a lot of faith. Just the other day in one of our lessons he says "hey remember when I first met ya’ll and I said I wasn't going to convert? Well I’m definitely on the other side of the fence now." It was so cool! We love him so much. He is awesome!

We also met with Javier, and it is a little difficult to meet with him because he lives in El Paso, and in Monahans, but we were able to see him once and he has so much dedication and faith! He is so incredible. We are really very excited for both of our investigators to progress!

Sister Krause and I have really worked on refining ourselves with the Christ-like attributes. It has been really amazing to see that when you prayerfully focus on something, and really work on it with the Lord’s help, he puts specific experiences in our paths to help us refine what we are trying to smooth out in ourselves. He really loves us so much! He helps us so much our experiences, and really cares about our goals that we are trying to achieve in our lives. It just goes to show that when you have a righteous desire, he will do whatever it takes to help you get there.

I’m so grateful for every single day on my mission where the Lord is allowing me to help shape his other children, and shaping me at the very same time. I’m deeply humbled to look back on everything I have learned so far and gained, and that he inspired me to serve a mission so I could learn these things. I wouldn't have ever been able to understand what I have in this short time, or to learn what I have and I am so grateful for it.


Hermana Bleyl

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