Monday, June 23, 2014

Week #5 in Texas - Hereford, TX

So we got our call last night at 1 am about transfers and we are both staying! Yay! So excited to continue doing work in the place where I have seen more Mustang cars and Chihuahuas then I have ever seen in my life combined!

It has been such a great week! We have been so blessed with people to teach!  We walked up to some Hispanics who were working in their yard, and we hear "Los Mormones" and Sister Ogles goes "Si! Los Mormones!" and starts talking to them in Spanish and they all looked so shocked except one of the guys, and he was laughing so hard. Haha! He thought it was so funny and we talked to him, and now we are teaching him! Awesome!

So mark this as the first time that I’ve been asked on a date on my mission! Oh man. I wish I could write more to do it justice. But we met this guy who works at Walmart and we started talking to him and gave him a card with our number so we could teach him. And we teach him The Restoration the next day, but when we called to tell him to come to church, he said "I would be coming to church for the wrooooong reasons." I asked what he meant, and he said when he met me he really liked my personality and smile and also my "latitude". Took me a minute to figure that one out, but when we did we laughed so hard! We both got the giggles on the phone with him, and it took all I had not to laugh into the phone. But he said that he just wanted my companionship and he said he knew I lived in Utah and him in Texas but that "people hop the border all the time!" Haha, it was so funny until he called us like 4 times at one am... yeaaah haha we are working on that! Funny experience though!

We also taught a lady named Maria who attends a Pentecostal church, and so we said we would pray her way for the opening and our way for the closing. So we stand in a circle holding hands and she starts jumping up and down all over the places holding our hands and, I’m gonna be honest, time wasn't real nice to her skin. And she started yelling and I was so terrified. Quite the experience but it is definitely interesting to see the different way people pray...

It is so amazing to see such humble conditions. We taught a guy who lives in a really beat up trailer, and didn’t have any shoes and was really beat up. But he is so nice. We have to teach him outside so he went around getting us chairs. But it had rained last night and my chair was wet. I said it was fine but he would not let me sit down. He runs to his trailer and didn’t have anything, so he ripped his shower curtain down and went and laid it on the chair so that I wouldn't get wet. He didn’t have much physically, but spiritually I think he may have more than a lot of people! It was so humbling to see that he would give all he had to serve.

We met a less active named Erika this week and she is the funniest person alive. She is an 83 year old lady from Germany and has a German accent, and just says the funniest things. She kept talking about all the drugs in this town, and kept calling it dope. We thought that was so funny and Hermana Ogles and I got the giggles in our visit! Like full blown, hot faced trying to be quiet kind of laugh. A Traci and Ashlie moment describes it perfectly! It was so funny cause she thought it was funny that we couldn't stop laughing. anywho, good times :)

We have seen so many tender mercies this week, and just find so many people who have been prepared for years to hear this message. It is so wonderful to see the faith of the members in this tiny branch and how much work they do to keep everyone coming. We had two recent converts attend the temple for the first time this week, and the way they described it was so beautiful! I have a new appreciation for the temple! There is a 98 percent chance that recent converts will stay active if they attend the temple. So amazing. It’s not easy either! The temple is 2 and a half hours away, one way. Be so grateful for our temple out our window in Utah, and go every chance you get!!

I am so grateful for this work. And for all the support I receive. I know that the Lord is personally guiding this work, and that we are in the last days. We need to rely on him for EVERYTHING. Prayer and daily scripture study are so important and bring so much spiritual protection. You wouldn't go a day without plugging in you phone, so don't go one day without plugging yourself into the energy source that is the scriptures! Good luck to all the missionaries leaving soon!

I love you all!

Love, Hermana Bleyl

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