Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week #6 in Texas - Hereford, TX

Wow! So this week, my oh my. It’s been interesting! The Lord is definitely testing us. It was pretty slow and people kept ignoring us, and would cancel on appointments. Kind of frustrating, but the Lord thought that I was taking appointments for granted, which I totally was! Not anymore! I’m so grateful when they follow through now. Good reminder this week.

Funny side story - we went to go teach the law of chastity to Bones but before, at the apartment, I was laughing really hard at something and my asthma flared up a little (back off I’m a nerd)! And, while in the car, Hermana Ogles is talking about the lesson and the law of chastity, and then she sees me do a puff of my inhaler.  I thought she was gonna die! She laughed so hard and thought I did that because I was nervous about the lesson and hyperventilating. Super funny! Classic moment. Then told our District Leader about it and he died. Haha!

Also, one of our investigators needed help with some weeding. Haha, so we thought - Service! Yay! So we drive like 20 minutes out of town, and go to this field, and all he needed help was lifting the little machine out of the car. Haha, then he did like 2 rows only, while we watched, and then we packed it up. We were so confused but just laughed it off cause we love that guy! He’s this old Mexican that calls us his angels, haha! He bought this 400 dollar machine on a whim and he goes "yeah, I bought this, and my wife got mad and yelled at me. But she doesn't understand how important it is to me!" Haha we laughed so hard. No matter the culture, language or state - that’ll happen to every couple. Hahaha

We have had quite the testimony builder this week with the Plan of Salvation. At the beginning of the week, we taught the Plan of Salvation with a member at the lesson, who had just lost her husband 4 weeks earlier. She gave the sweetest and most beautiful testimony on the Plan of Salvation, and the Spirit was so strong. Then, later this week, we went out in the morning “finding”, and started to talk to a lady who was here visiting her dad who has stage four cancer and not going to make it much longer. She actually told us to go into his bedroom and we taught him the Plan of Salvation from his bedside and he was dying. It was beautiful and he was comforted. It was an amazing experience. Then we met another lady on the same street who’s husband had died 3 days before, and we were able to teach her it as well. The spirit in these lessons was so strong! I love seeing the knowledge that blesses my life so much help to comfort others. The gospel is truly for everyone.

I wrote a poem in personal study yesterday, so I just thought id share it :)

Sometimes when we feel that life is more than we can bear,

We can cry out with our heart and voice in a beautiful gift called prayer.

Oppositions are there and trials come, but we know we are not alone,

We can pray to speak with our Father above, with our own sort of spiritual phone.

Like trees with strong roots that stand up tall, are beaten and tossed in the wind,

Our foundations will also be tested and tried, building strong all our lives shall we spend.

We have the divine, inspired potential, to become like our Lord Jesus Christ,

Through sufferings and beatings He did go through for us, with the Atonement he paid the price.

Endless love and mercy, we can’t comprehend, just how much he yearns for us all,

To be an example, and endure through this life, bearing His name as we kneel and stand tall.

Walk by faith, He says as the blindfold sets, but our fear, makes it hard to stand,

So we kneel in faith, crying out His name, And He leads us through hand in hand.

Keeping His commandments and following the Spirit, we know in this life are a must,

They make life much easier, but most of all, our obedience shows God our trust.

So enduring to the end, must the final step be, to demonstrate our dedication to Him,

But how worth it it'll be on that glorious day, when we knock and He lets us in.

Always remember that God loves you!

I’m so grateful for this experience and for God molding me into who I need to be!

Thank you for the Support! I love you!

Hermana Bleyl

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