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Hermana Bleyl's Email after her first week in Mexico City - 4/17/2014

Hello my amazing family! I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t cried yet or felt like crying, until I read your emails! Thank you so much for all the support and for keeping me up to date! I found some of the letters you put in my suitcases and I absolutely loved them.

So here’s some info for you guys ;)

The first day was so crazy, missionary time is so weird. I feel like I have been here for about 3 months. But this place is absolutely beautiful. We wake up to the sounds of all kinds of exotic birds in the morning. And I pop right out of bed! (shocker, right?) It has been perfect weather and it only rained a little, and its warm rain! I love love my companion. I get along with her so well. We laugh so hard, as well with our roommates Hermana Newland and Hermana Wallace. Some of the Hermanas are struggling with their companions and talk about super dramatic stuff, and my roommates and I are like "wanna see a perfect bite out of an apple??" I love them all so much!

The second day I drank this juice everyone is raving about here, yeah 1 migraine later and I will never drink that stuff again. I am eating super healthy! As much as you can here, haha! They have fresh mangos for every meal, so of course I get those. Everyone claims the food gives ya intestinal "issues", but so far so good for me! The classes here are SO long, the first few days at least. They are the same amount of time now, but we all really enjoy them now.

The language is SO good! You pick it up so good here! So on Friday, (only the second full day here) my companion and I taught our first investigator. His name is Ivan and he doesn’t speak a lick of English. So that was pretty scary! And we only had 1 hour to prepare. But now we have taught him four times and he has agreed to be baptized! And then we found out that his "wife" isn’t his wife. And they live together. So I got to teach my first law of chastity lesson! hooplay! And then I found out this "investigator" is actually gonna be our new night teacher, but I’m not supposed to know that. Yeah can you say awkward!! whatevs. haha

We all joke that we are in the hunger games because El CCM is completely enclosed with a 20 foot high fence, and razor wire at the top, and every 10 minutes, no matter what time of day, people set off fireworks here. The fireworks sound just like the canon when someone dies on the hunger games. It’s super funny. My companion was kinda cranky like the 2nd morning, and we heard a firework, and she was like "seriously!?! It is 8 AM people!" I died. It was so funny. Then she started laughing too. We all get along so good. I really really love my new branch president. He said "tell your family you have another person who loves you so much, and that’s your branch president".  He is adorable. Also a lot of teachers and people here are still trying to learn english, so it is really nice to practice my spanish. I can pretty much hold a full conversation now!

We got to watch a live broadcast from MTC Provo with Elder Anderson and that was so inspiring. You can feel the spirit here so much, and I just love Elderes y Hermanas so much! Everyone here is here for the same reason, and we all just love each other. (for the most part) haha. We got pizza for dinner on Tuesday and everyone freaked out because the food here isn’t good, so when you get costco pizza, everyone gets a little cray. One elder ate 12 SLICES of costco pizza. which is like double the size of a normal one. He wasn’t feeling to happy after that. I am so happy to hear all about what is happening there. I love how Carter was doing math at church! (FYI: Carter was adding the number of days and weeks till Kennedi gets home.  He was also adding number of days till she sees Colton again). So dang cute. And thank you all for my emails. I really love them. I really cried when I read about the blessings you are receiving for my service. Especially about Taylor. Oh man. I have been praying my heart out for all you guys and especially for Taylor to be healthy. It’s what I have been focusing on so much. So thank you for that.

Taylor, Congrats on your job! I know that you will do so amazing there because you have such a kind and loving heart. I really miss you guys. I feel like I have been gone so long. But I know that I am going to help so many people who need me, and I will be back before you know it. Fluent and ready to come back to Mexico to help more people!

I got a spider bite on my left hand a couple days ago and it swelled up good! So i went to La Clinica and got something to put on it! No worries!

The Elders in our district are really nice, a little loud and crazy, but I always have a special place in my heart for elders!

Our little house that we have is so cute! Its bright yellow and we adore it! All the houses are different bright colors ;)

We get gym time every day so we don’t get fat! So that’s good! I play basketball a lot with my companion. Apparently volleyball is huge here, and I tried the first day and failed miserably playing with some huge Polynesians. whoops! Yeah I stick to basketball now.

It is crazy to hear about my tax return. jeez. what a blessing. I am so glad.

Dad, I really miss our lunch dates too, and I’m so grateful for that time we had together to get so close. Congrats on your catering gig! I know you guys will do so good! I’m sure it’ll be delicious! I’d kill for BBQ these days.

Missionary time is so weird because we will be like "hey remember that one time this happened?" And someone will be like "That was this morning..." haha we all freak out with the time.

The Lord has blessed me so much while I have been here, and clearly for you guys too. I have so much energy and I really do feast on the scriptures now. I crave to read more. He has blessed me with these girls. I can’t imagine going through this and having to deal with getting along with my companion. We just naturally do! I have so much patience and I am so much more thorough. sorry, cant spell in English anymore, because all I think about is Spanish!

I love you so much. I appreciate you guys so much and for your support. It means so much. I think and pray for you daily, and I will write you guys some hand written letters today so they will be there in a little while ;) Mom I’m so proud of you for writing! I hope this email finds you all safe and sound! I will write you next Thursday! Also will you make sure my email is on Facebook? I put the writing address but I don’t think I put email. I love you so much! I will try to send pictures right after I send this, but sorry if it doesn’t work! I LOVE YOU!

La Iglesia de Jesuscristo es verdadero!

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