Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week Two in Mexico City - 4/24/2014

Okay. Missionary time is so weird. It seems like it has gone so fast, and so slow at the same time. It is really weird how it works. So this week (psh only a week) has been so crazy. Oh my goodness. First off, I thank God every single night that I like the girls that I am around. All the other girls are a little cray, or super dramatic. And me and my girls get along so good. I have a story. So us four girls were walking into the post office and there was a step up into the post office, and I walked in first and Hermana Newland was behind me, and she didn’t know there was a step into it, (it was a big step) and she missed it completely and came flying in. Since I was in front of her she came running in behind me and tried to catch her fall, and she slapped me in the back so hard. I think I had a hand print on my back. Then she was still falling and grabbed my hair and yanked my head down. We laughed so hard and after words cause I didn’t know what the heck was going on! I just thought I was being assaulted! It was hilarious. It was like those AFV videos where people trip and cant stop running. I know you all will appreciate that. Especially Taylor! (ps I’d love to hear from you)

Also I need your skype information still for mothers day ;) I’m so excited that I get to skype you guys! Make sure you invite the extended familia and such so I can talk to them too. And probs the Getters ;) And anyone else who love me, so lets face it, tell everyone.

Aaaaaand im supes mad because my camera battery is shot. I used it like once and it wont work. So could you please send me my old camera? It’s in my misc. box that I packed up. And the cord that plugs into the computer to share pictures please! Thank you!!

So the other day, we were in study time, and my companion asked if I wanted to prepare my lesson for our investigator the next day. I told her that I kinda wanted to just do personal study, and that we would do it later. She said okay so I opened up my Book of Mormon to where I was reading and I had marked a line of scripture the day before. It was in Alma 37:46 and the part I underlined said "do not let us be slothful because of the easiness of the way" That was the first thing I saw when I opened them, and so I was like Okay! okay! Let’s prepare for our investigator. haha chastised by the Lord a little. Whoops!

So I love our night teachers SO much. Hermano Galacia and David (Ivan) Yeah remember how I said I taught him the law of chastity cause I thought he had a girlfriend?? All part of the act. Which means I taught a single, return missionary who is 22 and only been home for 7 months. Yeah and he’s my teacher. Good stuff. I know his 22 year old boy mind was dying laughing inside. Oh well. haha he is so cool and we’ve become good friends.

The power goes out a lot here. It went out while my companion was in the shower and she was like “ARE YOU SERIOUS??” We were DYING. Also she tripped walking to dinner and went flying and started getting mad because we laughed at her. She was like "IF I TOOK MY SHOE OFF RIGHT NOW, MY TOES WOULD JUST BE SITTING IN THERE!" Stuff like this happens all the time.

We also had an earthquake on Thursday! Super cool! We are all in class and this loud siren goes off and we had to run to the panic circle. (the blue circle I’m standing in in the picture) It was cool! This big tree was shaking and you could feel the ground moving! Awesome!

There is such loud thunder here and it dumps rain a lot!

The food is rough still, we live off of cereal and toast. Sorry mom!

And the little store here is so cheap so we go there all the time! It’s in pesos, so its cool!

So every morning I sleep so soundly that I don’t here the alarm, so now my alarm clock is my corneas burning out of my eye sockets when my roommate turns the light on! That’s when you know you’re a missionary! Its great! haha

We have 2 new investigators, which are our teachers that we teach each morning and night. But they don’t break character and wont speak English to you. So its basically like a real investigator. It really good practice!

The language is going so good! We now are at the point where we can’t remember how to say or spell English words. So currently I cant really speak any langueage. haha its so good though. I am picking it up so much quicker then I thought I would!  It surprises us!

It is so spiritual and Holy here, you can just feel the spirit constantly. Even when you know your investigators aren’t real, when you teach them, you can still feel the spirit so strong. It’s crazy. It is so amazing.

We have so many little tender mercies that happen here, and we are so grateful for them! I love love it here and it will be so hard to leave! I love my girls here so much too. And I’m pretty sure my companion and I are on the same flights outta here, so at least we get to stay together!

Easter Sunday was really good. We get a lot of live conferences sent in from mtc provo, so we get to watch at the same time and hear the General Authorities! We got to hear Elder Uchdorf on Easter Sunday! So nice to have that!

Well I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for your support. La iglesia de Jesuscristo es verdadero, y muy importante en nuestros vida. I love this gospel so much and I’m so grateful for it.

I love you my family, and my dear, dear friends.

Mucho amo, Hermana Bleyl

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