Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Week #58 in Texas - Brownwood, TX

Oh man! This past week has been crazy and awesome and HOT!

Transfer day was long and crazy, and I drove for about 8 hours that day! But I had plenty of time to get to know my new baby trainee! We got into Brownwood at about 9:45 Tuesday night,

and we pink washed the apartment that we took over from the Elders here in Brownwood! The area is really big! We cover 4 counties that are each about 45 minutes away. There is a Ward here, but only about 60 people show up out of about 300! They are on the verge of becoming a branch again, but we don’t want that to happen! So we are working really hard to reactive people and to find new investigators. We didn’t really know where to begin, so we just grabbed the area book and color coordinated the area and went through the former investigator records--then we hit the bricks! We tried so many formers who were taught before! We probably tried 45 records, and only one person said that they didn’t want to learn again. All the rest set return appointments with us! We are really excited! Also, this area is BEAUTIFUL! It doesn’t feel like we are in the Texas Lubbock Mission anymore! It’s SUPER green and tons of huge trees and hills! It’s awesome!

My new companion’s name is Sister Camadeco! She is so awesome! She’s originally from New York, but lives in Henderson, Nevada now! She has been out in the field for 8 weeks now! She is a convert, and was just baptized last April! Her and her mom and grandma were baptized at the same time after her younger brother converted at 18 and left for his mission! Through his serving and prayers, his whole family was baptized! Her conversion story is inspiring, and it helps her to really teach the people because she knows exactly what it is like to be taught! She is a really teacher, and I don’t feel like I am even training her at all!

We met this one former named Sheryl! She and her husband were taught a year ago and were almost baptized! Her only concern was that people testified too much of the Book of Mormon, and she felt like they were trying to convince her that it was true. But she said she feels the Spirit as she reads it, and that it should just speak for itself. So we taught her, and she said that she wanted to start being taught again and give it another shot! Then she mentioned that she was re-doing her living room and we offered help and she accepted! Later that day we got our “paint pants” on and painted her whole living room together! It was wonderful! We loved doing service and getting to know her better. That was definitely divinely set up!

We are really excited to continue to get to know this area and the people here better! I can really feel that there is A LOT of success to be had here, and the field really is white and ready to harvest! I’m so grateful for the amount of trust the Lord has given me here, and for this opportunity for growth and learning.

Also, something super awesome about this area is that it is closer to the San Antonio and Dallas Temples, so we get to go to those 2 instead of Lubbock! We have permission to leave our mission boundaries for that! It will be a great opportunity! I love it here!

I love you all! Thanks for your support!


Hermana Bleyl   

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