Monday, June 8, 2015

Week #52 in Texas/New Mexico - Carlsbad, NM

This week has been so good! It’s definitely been an adjustment having us try to get to know the area together, but it has been so good! I LOVE my new companion sister peck. She is a doll! We instantly got to be best friends, and I am so glad that we are comps.

So I’m the driver now, and I haven't driven since I was in Hereford, so I am adjusting again. Haha! And the streets here are pretty crazy anyway. Sooo it’s been an adventure and trying to get around is crazy as well. It’s super fun though, and we eventually find what we are looking for! So it’s all good!

It has been really great because our investigator, Joe, came to church yesterday for the 4th time since I have been teaching him! He came to Gospel Principles again too! We are really excited for him. He has a set back for baptism, and he won’t tell us what it is just yet.... so please pray that we can figure it out and resolve his concerns! We have been seeing a lot of success with ‘formers’ lately and it has been great!

I feel like I have the ‘new greenie missionary fire’ back, and I am excited to keep finding new ways to do this wonderful work!

It’s crazy that I have so many past companions who are home now! Shout out to my comp Hermana Gonzalez for making it home safe and sound. I love you girl. The TLM wont be the same without you!

I’m so grateful for happiness and joy this week. This work really can’t be done if you aren't happy and having fun at the same time! People can really see our happiness, and it makes a big difference in our finding and teaching people! It’s so wonderful!

Thanks for all your support! I know I’ve been out for quite some time now, but I still wouldn't be mad if I still got letters! Just saying :)


Hermana Bleyl

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