Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #45 in Texas - Monahans, TX

Wow! Lots of crazy things this week!

First off, Everett is back on his feet and doing great! He is meeting with us again regularly and we couldn’t be more thrilled. He is so awesome. He went through a lot of challenges this past week and it tried him a lot, but he came out on top! We were praying so hard and putting our trust in the Lord that it would all work out for the best, but we still didn’t know why he had to go through such a hard set back when he was doing so good! But the Lord ALWAYS HAS A REASON FOR EVERYTHING! Everett told us that because he fell on his face last week and really had a low, that his family (who was very unsupportive of him being baptized) got really scared for him and now all they want him to do is find a church that will help him! So now they are very supportive in him getting baptized and that is a HUGE step! We are very happy about that. And then we were able to clearly see the reason why he had that set back. The Lord is so good! Now his only set back is the Word of Wisdom and is staying so strong! Please just pray that he will continue to stay strong!

Also-- I have overcome A LOT of barriers with my Spanish this week! We got 2 new Spanish investigators that are SUPER legit! We got to teach them the first lessons and it was so wonderful. I really enjoy teaching in Spanish now and finally started feeling confident teaching by myself since my comp doesn’t speak Spanish. But again, the Lord does everything for a reason, and with finding out about transfer calls, it’s apparent why he allowed me to finally get to use so much Spanish! I am going to Carlsbad, New Mexico to serve in a Ward there. There are Spanish speaking Elders there, so if I do find Spanish speaking people, I have to refer them to the Elders, which I am very sad about because I won’t ever be able to teach Spanish lessons. But the Lord knew that, and allowed me to teach so much here in Monahans and grow that love for it before I wouldn’t have it at all anymore, so I am very grateful for the experiences this week with my Spanish. I know all things will work out for the best!

Sister Krause and I are so sad to leave each other! We have grown so close together, but we know that we will see each other soon at the mission home! So we are excited to have that together. I am very excited for her because she will get to stay here in Monahans and she is training a brand new missionary! So excited for her! She will be the best mommy ever!

But I am excited learn and grow more in a new area with a new companion. The Lord always does what is best for us and I am excited for him to mold me even more!

I love ya’ll! Next time we talk I will be in a different state!


Hermana Bleyl

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