Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week #31 in Texas - Monahans, TX

This week has been wonderful! We got to go to the temple on Saturday and do a session! I LOVE the temple. I did not take full advantage of it as much as I should of when I was home, so it’s great to see the appreciation my mission is giving me for the temple, and how it is going to be my top priority when I get home! I love the strong Spirit you can feel there!

We are STOKED for this Friday too! For the first time in, I think forever, the WHOLE Texas Lubbock mission is getting together in one place to hear Elder Bednar speak! We are so excited. We get to hear from him for 3 hours! I can’t wait to hear his counsel and hear what he has to say! Such an opportunity!

We had a lesson with our investigator Rebecca this week. Well, we tried to... haha her house is CRAZY and she has two crazy little girls. And then she babysits two more kids. So we were trying to watch the restoration DVD with her in her home, but this little girl she is babysitting has a super bad cough. She’s hacking up a lung and doing the whole "cough till you almost barf" type of thing and we all were 100 percent terrified she was gonna puke all over us. So, in the middle of the movie, she had to leave to go get medicine at the store, so we just had to leave. Ha crazy lesson. WE couldn’t even focus on the movie, so if the missionaries couldn’t focus, you know straight up that your investigators are getting NOTHING out of it, so we just had to go. But we have another appointment with her! So it’s all good! Oh the people you meet on the mission.

So we were morning finding (street contacting) the other day, and this lady was running from her car to her house, and we went up and started talking to her. We did our little shpeel, and she was less then impressed and said she was in a hurry and had to go, and all these excuses. Then I asked quickly if I could give her a card, and she said yes and came over. It was a pass along card with a “Finding Faith in Christ” DVD on the back. So I started talking to her about it and told her she could call the number and get a free copy.  All of the sudden, she changed before our eyes. Her countenance changed, and so did her whole attitude. As soon as we started talking about the Savior, she sat and talked to us for 10 minutes, even though she was super busy. She tearfully told us her testimony on the Savior and afterwards, she thanked us and gave us both hugs and said God bless you. It was amazing to see how the Lord softened her heart right in front of us! Like such a quick change, that we walked away feeling quite confused! It was an amazing experience!

A Sister missionary from this Branch is coming home on Friday, and her homecoming talk is on Sunday!  Sister Davidson, Elder Carlile and I are singing Savior Redeemer/Called to Serve, while elder Sork plays the piano! It’s going to be amazing :) Lots of fun things happening. The Lord blesses me so much!

I love ya’ll and I am so grateful for your support! Thanks for all the kind comments sent out from last week!


Hermana Bleyl

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