Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week #30 in Texas - Monahans, TX

I don’t even know where to begin on how to start this email. My heart is so full. We have been so blessed this week and seen the Lord's hand in our work so closely, even more than usual. We are seeing miracles at every turn, and I have never felt the Spirit so abundant in my life.

We went to Odessa this week, and long story short, we worked that area while the Sisters who are normally there went to Lubbock for a meeting. So we had no idea about the area, investigators or members, and had the whole day to go out and work.  And oh my goodness, the blessings that come from being blind and just completely putting your faith in the Lord feels so amazing. I felt a lot like Nephi when he was commanded to go back up to get the plates and said "I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the thing I was to do."

I'll share one experience that we had yesterday. So we had an appointment with this guy, and had a member lined up to go with us, but this guy called and cancelled because he had to go into work. So we had a member ready to go with us, but no lesson. So the Sisters left us a list of names to try and we prayed, picked one, and just went for it. So we show up at this lady’s house, with a member, and we had NO IDEA what her story is. We didn’t know if she was a less active, a potential or anything. And we just walked up and knocked at her door. The lady answered and we explained who we were, and she let us in as if we had had an appointment! She sat us down and we asked her how she came in contact with the church. She told us that she hadn’t ever been in contact, and didn’t know how we got her info. It was crazy! The second that we started talking about God, her eyes filled with tears as she expressed that she had given up on faith, and she wanted to do what was right, but she kept going in circles. She told us it was funny that we came by, because she had just recently been trying to feel the Spirit by listening to gospel music and wanted to be closer to God. I felt prompted to turn to 1 Nephi 7. I have never focused on this chapter, and didn’t even know what it contained right off the bat, but I turned to it anyway and followed the Spirit. As we began reading, I was scrambling in my brain of how any of these things were going to relate to this woman. I didn’t know why we were reading this chapter, but the Lord did. I’m not sure how, or what exactly we even shared and talked about, but it was one of the greatest lessons of my mission, and it is purely because of the fact that neither I, nor my companion taught it. The Spirit taught that entire lesson. Then the member we were with began bearing her testimony about faith and the gospel. And they both became overwhelmed and emotional. They come to find out both of their husbands worked oil field, and had kids the same age, and have so much in common. The Lord knew that member had to be there with us at the EXACT time, for that lesson. He is in every detail, and as long as we put our faith and trust in Him, he will lead us, and help us know the things we are to do. I was able to see the promise come to pass that if I don’t fear, and trust in God, that I will have the words be put into my mouth. 

The feeling of being able to recognize the Spirit working through me, and realizing it as it is happening, is something I will never forget. What a privilege that such a Heavenly Being is able to use me as a tool to bring this work about. And the Lord takes care of it all, because the man that we were actually supposed to have that appointment with, called us later that might and wanted to make an appointment for the following day because he felt so inspired to hear more. EVERYTHING is in God’s timing. If you think that there are such things as coincidences, you are sorely mistaken. The Lord handles the very small details of our lives, and He knows and loves each one of His children intimately and personally. He wants each of His children in His gospel, and I am able to see that as I look at a completely stranger and feel an overwhelming love for them. I am deeply indebted to Him, for the opportunity that I have to spread His gospel and try to do my part. My heart is full of gratitude and my joy is as if my heart wants to burst. I have been able to see that as low as our darkest days are, we are able to have that much more of a fullness of joy as we are obedient and follow HIS will and not OUR will.

I love you all, and I hope you can all feel the Spirit in your daily lives. If you find yourselves not able to feel it, change that, and change it quick!


Hermana Bleyl

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