Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week #29 in Texas - Monahans, TX

Ah! AMAZING week that I have just had! it was so wonderful!

It was so great to be able to skype my family on Christmas Day! What better present could I ask for? Nothin! That was the best. This week has just been full of so many blessings and miracles. I LOVE my comp, Sister Davidson. Just puttin that out there. The Lord knew that we need to meet and be together at this time. The work has been so effective and fullfilling as we have been exactly obedient and sought out the Spirit. It also makes me very grateful that I have had such amazing companions, because Sister Davidson hasn’t been so lucky. She has had some really hard companions that havent been too obedient and that breaks my heart. But it has been amazing because we are able to see the blessings that come from exact obedience from both companions and how effective it makes us as ministers of the gospel. It’s so amazing.

We had an experience the other day where we were planning at the beginning of the day of what we were going to do.  We scheduled in morning finding, to go walk around and talk to everyone, and we took the map of Monahans - which we have color coordinated by area, and we prayed where we needed to go.  Then I picked a color in my head, and Sister Davidson did, and then we both shared with each other.  We knew we had to be in blue. And then we both looked at the map individually and KNEW that we needed to go to James Street. It was so amazing how the spirit went through both of us and gave us the same answer. So we went and there was NOBODY on the street. So we started knocking houses. And the second house we knocked was this little lady who only spoke Spanish, and she invited us right in and we got to share the Gospel with her right there. It was so amzing! i love being an instrument in the Lords hands!

So yesterday we got to go to the Sandhills here in Monahans and that was so much fun! it was so beautiful! We went with a member and her little son and that was so great. The people here are so wonderful!

Also last night we went and taught this less active who hasn’t been to church in a really long time, cause she got out of the habit after she got really sick for a while. And we just stood outside on the porch of her trailer and had a lesson, and it never ceases to amaze me how you can feel the spirit anywhere! She started telling us about her conversion story and how she met the Elders a couple of years ago. She said that she saw that light and glow about them from the minute she met them, and told them that she wanted what they had. She was baptized shortly there after. The spirit was so strong as she was sharing that, and the spirit just touched Sister Davidson and I, and scriptures were just coming to our minds to share. Something clicked in her eyes. It was a physical change as the spirit talked to her through us, and reminded her how important it was to keep his commandments. It was such an amazing lesson and I never want to stop having opportunities to have the spirit speak through my mouth. The only way we could describe it when Sister Davidson and I were talking about it, was that when it’s you speaking and thinking, you have to think about what youre going to say. But when the spirit speaks through you, you aren’t thinking about what to say, but you are still talking and having scriptures come to your head. It is really amazing. I love when I can feel it and recognize it so strong. It helps me to remember and realize more and more that this is His work, and He is all over the details of it!

I am so grateful to be a missionary and some changes in perspective and meeting a few new people have really helped to to appreciate being one even MORE! So amazing. I’m so sad that I am already almost half way done. But I am learning things that I wouldn’t dream of moving on in my life without knowing. I’m so so grateful for my Savior and for all He has done for me and all that He continues to do for me!

I love ya’ll and miss you lots! Espero que ustedes tengan un buena semana! te quiero mucho! Beso!

Hermana Bleyl

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