Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week #27 in Texas - Hereford, TX (Last week in Hereford)

Wow! this week has been first time being transferred is finally here, and I'm so sad about it! Right before Christmas and I'm pretty sad about it, but I know that I will be where I am supposed to be in Monahans, and that the Lord has a plan for me and will bless me for going willingly and ready to work!

This week has been really good though and we have had quite a few great lessons! We taught a lady named Jennifer the other day for the first time, and we taught her the Restoration. Then, the next morning she text us and said "I have been thinking about what we talked about all night long, and woke up and still couldn't get it out of my mind! I am way too excited to find out what comes next! Can you come teach me right now??" And we of course said sure! So we went over and found out she had already read to 2 Nephi! She is amazing! So then we taught her the Plan of Salvation, and she loved it SO much! And she said she had never felt so overwhelmed, in a good way, with excitement for something before. It was so amazing. She expressed to us her concern though, that her kids and husband wouldn't listen to us or her about the Gospel because they were really Catholic, but then she texted us later that day and told us that her kids asked about what we talked about in our lesson, and she was able to explain it and read some of the Book of Mormon with them! She was SO SO happy, and she couldn't thank us enough and she ended the text by saying "I am one happy mommy." It was so great to be able to help her feel the Spirit so strong. What a great opportunity that was. She is amazing and will progress well!

I'm so grateful for the experiences I have been able to have so far that stretch me and help me to grow. I know the Lord knows what's best for me and needs me to go and help people in Monahans, and I am ready to accept the challenge so that I can grow, as well as help others to grow in this Gospel.

I know this church is true no matter where we go in the world, and I'm ready to share it with everyone!

I love you all!


Hermana Bleyl

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