Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week #25 in Texas - Hereford, TX

This week has been so wonderful! it was such a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful time to help people reflect on the things that they are grateful for. It is a very great teaching time right now, and the work is really moving swiftly.

Fabian, Ashley and Damians baptism has been moved to this Saturday, because they went our of town for Thanksgiving, so we are very excited for them! They are progressing so well and now have lots of friends in the church. The more I teach people and realize what brings success in this work, the more I come to understand how VITALLY important the members are in this work. All of the baptisms that I have had have been member referrals and all of them had some fellowship in the church. It is so necessary for them to progress! Just keep in mind that we are the full time teachers, but the members are the full time finders :)

During this time of year it is a lot easier to talk to our friends and family not of our faith about God because it is CHRISTmas time! The church is doing a HUGE initiative called He Is The Gift- go to and share the video on Facebook and #sharethegift. There is a beautiful video about the Saviors birth and it is a wonderful way to talk to people not of our faith about Jesus Christ! Then of course invite them to meet with the missionaries :) Go check it out!

I’m so grateful for the wonderful members of this branch. They are absolutely amazing!  They make us feel so at home and really help our work to progress so much. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in Hereford and to meet all of these amazing people. You really do grow to love the people you serve so much.

We have been working with a less active named Desaray, who is married and has two small boys. She and her husband have been struggling particularly with the Word of Wisdom, and we have been  meeting with them and trying to help them see how destructive that is for their family. We always had really good lessons, but they wouldn't come to church and barely would keep commitments. Then we started bringing some of the members in the branch who are wives and mothers and the dedication of Desaray and her husband dramatically changed! They started reading and praying, and they are working on coming to church. But we had them come to a members home this week with their kids. Their kids played with the members kids while we had a lesson and it went SO good! We talked about eternal marriage and how they can be sealed together in the temple. They felt like they couldn't ever make it there and we had a wonderful lesson and had the members talk about their journey in being able to make it to the temple. The Spirit was so strong. What a great testimony builder to me that nobody is past the point of no return. God wants all of His children to partake of the blessings of the temple and He will provide a way for them to be together forever. It really helped me to appreciate that my family is sealed for eternity and that I can be the instrument in the Lord's hands to help other receive those blessings too. I’m so glad I was a part of that!

I’m so grateful that I was able to feel the true spirit of Thanksgiving this week as I was able to serve the members and people of Hereford who I love so much. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity from the bottom of my heart.


Hermana Bleyl

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