Monday, November 3, 2014

Week #20 in Texas - Hereford, TX

Oh hello there!

I cant believe it has been another week! The time flies by so quick! We got to celebrate Sister Gonzalezs birthday yesterday, so that was so fun! A wonderful family in our branch, the Lakkos, made her favorite dinner and birthday cake, and we walked in and there were banners up that said "Happy Birthday Sister Gonzalez!" - made by their little boys. it was SO cute. I LOVE the members here so much. I have grown so close to them and they are such wonderful people. I know it's kind of inevitable, but I'm really going to miss this place when I get transferred, but I know wherever I go it's where the Lord wants me to be.

Things are going so wonderful here! We are still teaching Ramon, and had a great church tour with him! His only hold back is just getting him to come to church, and once he does, he will be committed :) We also had 2 of our all Spanish speaking investigators come to church yesterday! it was great! It's kind of frustrating, because we are supposed to have as many Spanish investigators as we can, but church is all in English with just a little translating thing for Sacrament meeting. But they come and they stay! So the spirit is universal no matter what language you speak! That was a great testimony builder for me!

So, Sister Gonzalez and I have been volunteering at the senior citizen center right by our house, and we LOVE it so much. We go out on the Meals On Wheels van, and deliver the food to people and get to know the cute ladies who volunteer and drive the van, then they give us free lunch after! it's a win win! But as we have been going to all these houses and seeing how these people live, it has been a very humbling experience. I have grown such a love and appreciation for the things I have, and all I have been blessed with. Most of these people have nothing--yet are so happy. These are the things that I know will be deeply embedded in me, and that I will remember and be affected by for the rest of my life, and I am so grateful!

We get to have a mission tour on Friday, and hear a member of the 70 speak to us in Lubbock! We are so excited about that! Half the mission is going to be there!

I appreciate the emails and support from all y'all. It means so much, and I am so grateful for all you wonderful people who show me so much love. Thank you for all you do! It means more than you know!

Happy Halloween!


Hermana Bleyl

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