Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week #15 in Texas - Hereford, TX

Wow! This week has been so wonderful and so much has happened.

We have seen so many miracles! So I better get this out first, haha! Transfers were on Saturday, but we are both staying! Yay! I am so excited to stay here in Hereford. I LOVE it here!

Also, we were planning a trip to the temple for a couple weeks, and we really wanted it to happen before transfers just in case! So we planned to go on Friday with Delilah and Aquilla! But we aren't allowed to drive our mission vehicle, so we had to have a member drive us. So we got our member lined up, and we got a babysitter for delilahs kids lined up, and all was good to go! Then on Thursday everything fell apart! Our member cancelled cause they had to go out of town, which meant that the babysitter for Delilah fell through too. And it's the day before, and neither of them had their temple recommends! So we were so stressed, but we continually kept praying and trusting that the Lord will bless us for our righteous desires to attend the temple, and that He would help us get there. So our wonderful Branch President rearranged his schedule, and was able to interview both of them that day and they both passed! Then we were calling every member in the branch and nobody could, which I don't blame them since it was last minute and the Temple 2 hours away. So Thursday came and went, and then it was the day we were planning to go, and we had no babysitter and no ride. Then, finally I was prompted to call Sergio, who's another recent convert, and asked him if he happened to have work off.  He works all the time. but he said he had it off because for some reason he felt like he should take that day off, but had no reason why! What a miracle! We were so excited, but we still had to find a babysitter.  Then a member named Candi called to talk to us about something else, and we mentioned our predicament to her.  She said, "I'll babysit! That's no problem! I happen to have work off tonight!"  Boom! Done! Everything went through and though we had to rush a little to make it on time, but we were able to go to the Temple and watch Aquilla and Delilah do baptisms for the dead. What an amazing experience!  The joy I felt in my heart felt like it was going to burst it! I was so proud of them, and I could feel how much Christ loves both of them. the Lord blessed us and was able to get us to the temple, and He knows perfectly what each of us need. That was such a huge tender mercy!

So, my first day in Hereford, which my very first day in the field, Sister Ogles and I taught a boy named Shawn.  He is living with the Barnes family, who are active members here. Now he feels like he is ready to be baptized and said he doesn't want to go through any more trials in his life without the Gospel and being baptized! We are so excited for him! We taught a lesson to him and the Barnes family yesterday, and it went so well. The Lord really showed me patience, because even though I was really bummed that it didn't happen in my time, it is now happening in God's time, exactly when it should! That was many months ago, and now I can see the fruits of our labors, and see him even more prepared and ready to fully come unto Christ.

This week especially I can just truly feel the love of Christ for each and every person that I have been able to come in contact with. I get just a glimpse of what He feels for each of us, and just that glimpse overwhelms me! It testifies to me each and every day that this work is true, and that I am where I am supposed to be. The Lord has everything under control and we are all just individuals in his plan, and he puts us where we need to be at the perfect time. I am so grateful that I have a Grand Creator watching out for me, and for all of my fellow brothers and sisters, no matter what their circumstances may be. He has really opened my eyes to who others are, and so much more than just watching them, I can just see who they are.

I become more and more grateful for the Gospel in my life as I see others without it, and that in turn makes me work even harder to help give it to people! Then, when I share it with people and see their spirits change, and their happiness grow, that makes me even MORE grateful! it's a whole cycle that never ends, and I am so grateful for it molding me into who I am supposed to be as I forget about myself and go to work!

I love you all! Thank you for all the support you give me!


Hermana Bleyl

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