Monday, September 15, 2014

Week #14 in Texas - Hereford, TX

Oh hello!

This week has been wonderful, despite being sick a couple of days for both me and Hermana Gonzalez. But we had the baptism for Brandon on Friday, and it went so wonderful! We are so excited for him and he is just amazing.

We had the opportunity to go to Amarillo and hear our Stake President and Neil L Anderson speak and it was SO good! it was a great spiritual boost and just being in the same room with him, you can just feel that he is a servant of the Lord. It was a wonderful Stake Conference!

Hereford is on FIRE! Sister Gonzalez and I have switched off being sick this week, so we have been inside quite a bit and, to not die of boredom, we play Monopoly. Haha! And one of the members texted us and told us that one of the boys we had been teaching is now ready to be baptized for sure. We were so excited! And our District Leader was like "What?! Haha you girls just get baptisms even if you are sick and can't go out and work!" Haha, we have been so blessed and there are so many people here who are ready to hear the Gospel and be members of the Church of Jesus Christ. We are really excited to start teaching him again! I taught him on my first day out in the mission field, and im really excited that the Lord just needed to prepare him a little more, and that he is now ready, in his own time. It is truly all in God's timing! He has his plan for everything and we cant be frustrated with our own views and wordly doubts, because God has it ALL under control.

We have to remember that there will be oppostition in all things, and although this life throws lots of things at us, we can remain faithful and know that God's hand is in everything. Sometimes I think back to times in my life where I have had trials, and I know that I wouldn't have been able to get through them without the Gospel. And I know that people have and go through even harder times than me, and they don't have the Gospel to lean on or Jesus Christ to talk to when these things happen to them. I can't imagine. God has blessed me with this knowledge because he knew how much I would need it, and he expects me to share it. So when I wake up in the morning dead tired and feel like I can't get up, or get yelled at and have doors slammed in my face, or have my shoes squish from mud and rain, I simply remember that my brothers and sisters are out there going through life and trials without this Gospel. And that gives me the inexhaustible energy and determination that I need to continue on in this work. Just as muscles in our body need resistance to become stronger and more help to us, we need to face resistance against our spirits so that they can become stronger and be of more help to others, to the world, and to God.

im so grateful for this reisitance in my life to help me be strong and be who God wants me to be in this life, and to be of more help to Him as he hastens His work here on earth. I'm glad I am working on becoming someone who he can call on to help others come into the fold. Missionary work is so inspired and God knows exactly where we are and what we are all doing. Lets help Him to help us help others!

I love you all!

Mucho amor,

Hermana Bleyl

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