Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week #12 in Texas - Hereford, TX

So this week as been kinda crazy, but so fun getting Hermana Gonzalez acquainted with my wonderful town of Hereford :) we have been having a blast and clicked so quick and get a long really well. She is from Chicago and has been a convert for 2 years as of today! She is wonderful and CRAZY. We get along so great. :) I’m also making her a straight up believer in essential oils and I’m stoked. haha she wants all of them! Super funny.

This week has been so wonderful and we have a lot of solid investigators! Our investigators Aquilla and Deliah are both being baptized this Saturday! We are so excited. Please pray that all will go well with that and that they will pass their interviews on Thursday :)

So Hermana Gonzalez and I were driving around looking for a populated area to get out and talk to people, but it was so hot that nobody was outside! So I just drove and pulled up to a random street and we got out, and this man comes and sits on his porch chair. So we go up and start talking to him and we started talking about God in our lives. He immediately got emotional and shared with us his whole story about how his wife and his son just died within 3 months of each other, and that only one of his children talk to him. We were able to share with him part of the Plan of Salvation and he was so grateful and appreciative. I could tell without a doubt that when he would look at me, he wasn't seeing me but that he was seeing the spirit and it was such a wonderful feeling. Then we had another appointment so we told him we had to go and he said please please come back! And didn't want us to even leave, so we set up a time and went back to him the next day. We left a pamphlet with him to read, and the second we get there the next day, he asked us "what is the atonement?" we were so excited! And his daughter and her husband were there as well, and we were able to share the whole Plan of Salvation with all of them and they loved it. Then we went back again and shared about the Restoration, and he was really excited to know about the Book of Mormon. So we are so excited to go back and continue teaching him! The Lord always knows exactly where we need to be and the exact time, and he leads us to it!

I really feel like time is just FLYING! They say once you are out of training that is goes by so quickly, but I still didn't expect it! I can’t believe it! And my Spanish is getting better so that's good! Sister Gonzalez helps me a lot and it’s so great that she is fluent! We are starting to find a lot more Spanish investigators and we are so excited!

The work is hastening so much, and the Lords hand is in ALL of it. We can’t do one thing without counseling the Lord about it because it is so important that we do it His way! Because He always knows what is best!

I’m so grateful for all your support! As always, I love hearing from you!

Yo se que esta iglesia es verdadera y es una bedicion muy grande en me vida!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Bleyl

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