Monday, August 4, 2014

Week #10 in Texas - Hereford, TX

I can’t believe that transfers are almost here again! This is my last week before transfers, so if you have something to send, you should probably send it to the mission home if it isn't out by like today or tomorrow.

This week has been really good! I little bit of a struggle, cause I’m kinda going through all the struggles that every missionary has through out there whole mission, but I kinda go through a different one every day. My comp says at least I’ll get them out of the way pretty quick! Haha! The Lord has helped me so much, and I feel like this week has really been a turning point in my mission.

Hermana Ogles and I are a little bummed this week because one of our most progressing investigators that we love so much dropped us. But we know without a doubt that he will get baptized. He just isn't ready right this second. Well he is, but he doesn't think he is.

But we met the most prepared investigator EVER this week. She is seriously amazing. We thought that she was a member and pulling our legs because she asked every unique question that the gospel answers. We are teaching her and she asks, "So shouldn't we have a prophet on the earth again today then?" and she says, "I wish we had more than just the Bible! Its so confusing and everyone says it says something different and I’m so confused!" She is such a solid investigator. She gave me a lot of appreciation for the Book of Mormon this week. When we told her about it and showed her, her eyes filled with tears and she held it so careful and tight in her hands. And when we asked to use it to mark a scripture for her, she almost didn't want to let it out of her hands. She literally sits at our feet on the ground while we teach and hangs on every word we say. And she says she knows that we are telling the truth because she can see the light of Christ in our faces, and she knows that we are telling the truth. She is so amazing! We are very excited to help her prepare for baptism, and also her son who is 12! She has such a strong desire! God has been preparing her for a LONG time.

We were able to meet one on one with the Mission President this week! It was so good and he helped me a lot with stress management to help me stay healthy! He used all examples from the scriptures, and it was such a huge help! Also, his wife is just a doll! She is so fun to talk to. They help so much! I absolutely love them!

My testimony on faith has grown so much as I have relied on the Lord for everything in my life right now. If we have the faith, He will work the miracles. I know that is true with all my heart and I know that He has His hand in every second of this work.

Thank you for all the support! So excited for Allie and Colton to leave for their missions these next two weeks! They will be amazing!

Please continue to write me, it means more than you know!


Hermana Bleyl

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