Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week #9 in Texas - Hereford, TX

This week has been crazy. We cannot do anything without seeing a huge or small miracle that the Lord gives us. Sorry but I’m pretty sure we are taking up all His time, because He is EVERYWHERE in our lives and our work. What a blessing!

So first miracle- On the 23rd we had 4 lessons with investigators lined up, and we had a member to bring to each one. But every single one cancelled. But 5-10 minutes after each investigator cancelled, a different member would call and ask if we could have a lesson at that exact time with one of their non-member friends at the exact time that the other investigator cancelled. And each lesson the investigators basically begged to be baptized. No joking. We set 3 baptismal dates that day!  So even though they all cancelled, we still got 4 member presents for the day. What huge blessings! The Lord knew who we needed to be seeing and He really took care of us.

Yesterday we had an appointment with a lady who lives in an apartment complex. We were walking up the steps and there was a trail of blood all the way to a door. She wasn't home, so we were leaving and decided to follow the blood to see where it started at. We followed it all the way to a different complex, and all the sudden it stops right in front of an apartment door. And right when we walked up to the end, the door opened and a guy came out. We obviously knew we were supposed to talk to him, and we were able to share a little about the message. He didn't seem interested, and kinda looked like he was up to no good, but we knew without a doubt that we were supposed to say what we said to him. Maybe something we said stopped him from doing something that he was going to do before, we just have no idea. But all we know is that God wanted us to be there and that it happened for a reason! It was super cool!

Another tender mercy- last night we only had about 15 minutes left in the day and it was DUMPING rain. We weren't sure what to do and I got the prompting that we need to just act and get out of the car. So we decided to go with the pity factor and see who was prepared and would help to girls in the pouring rain. So we pulled over to a random street that sister Ogles felt like we needed to go on, said a prayer that we would find someone to teach, and got out of the car. We were instantly soaked! The second we got out, we heard kids laughing, and we turned and saw some kids and a lady running to a house from their car. We walked over there and it was a lady dropping off her grandkids. She asked why we were out in the rain and we shared our message a little bit! She told us that she had met other missionaries like us in the rain before and that she was so touched that they would talk to her out in the rain. And then she said that a second witness of us being in the rain was such a sign to her! She said that we really meant a lot to her, and gave us all her information to go to her home and she told us she was very interested in us teaching her. Such a tender mercy! The Lord led us to her within 30 seconds! We were so excited! What amazing miracles.

Also a couple days ago we had a little time to find someone to teach, and I got a prompting that we needed to visit a certain less actives house. I told Sister Ogles and we both thought about it and didn't know if we should because she is ALWAYS working and we could never catch her at home. But the prompting came again and I knew we needed to go. So we drive over there, and not only was she home, but she told us she only had work off because it was her birthday and her and her friend were spending the day together. She invited us in and we were able to teach her and her friend who is not a member. Then she came to a branch activity that next day and church on Sunday! Such another great witness that God is in control, and that He knows exactly where we need to be and when. And if we are worthy of it, he will give us the Spirit to be able to know exactly where and when that is.

Also, we have a member who texts us the weather every day and he told us that before we came to Hereford, the annual average rain fall was .2 and now, as of today, the average is 13.63 inches! Crazy! The branch here attributes that to us coming here. Haha! They even mentioned it in a testimony on fast Sunday. Whoops Haha! Everyone is so grateful for the moisture here! Sister Ogles and I love this area so much and all the people it in!

We all have these tender mercies and miracles at every corner in our lives; we just need to be able to recognize them. I encourage everyone to start a tender mercy journal. A separate book from your regular journal and just take some time very day to look back and see what little, and big things God has blessed you with each day. I promise it will make you so much more grateful in your lives and when you have hard times, you are able to look back and see how much God loves you!

Thanks for all the support and prayers! And thank you so much to Sister Sagers for thinking of me and sending me that wonderful CD! My companion and I love it!


Hermana Bleyl

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