Sunday, October 27, 2013

Privileges, Preaching, and Poems!

Welcome to my blog! I have started this blog so I can share my feelings and experiences as I turn in, wait and recieve my mission call! And the following months as I wait to serve the Lord. In the process as of now, I am scheduled to turn in my papers this Tuesday, October 29. All we are waiting on is the medical form! I am so excited to go on a mission. It truely is a privilege (hence the name of my blog) I just wanted to also post a poem that I found that I wrote in 9th grade. Keep in mind I wasn't planning on serving a mission until early July of this year. I guess it was just always there in the back of my mind without knowing it. It just goes to show that the Lord is very aware of all of our desires, and for that I am eternally grateful. The church is so true!

The Choice
She walked outside into the air,
The grass had frost, the trees were bare,
She pondered then which path to take,
Which road was real, which road was fake.
Her breath was seen, a s
igh no doubt,
But she wasn't one to sit and pout.
She still knew not which path was safe,
So on her knees she bent in faith.
The answer came, clear as a bell,
"The choice is yours, heaven or hell,
Your works and heart will tell your fate,
When you get to that pearly gate."
Up she stood, and then down she went,
Determined to find out why she was sent.
Trials and errors came her way,
But strong was she, and still she'd pray.
Years later, her time finally came,
That precious envelope, sealed with her name,
Around the world she will go,
To teach those who need to know.
She walks and walks until she finds,
Those who stop to take the time.
She teaches many and then she sees,
"My actions affect many more than me."
She then was so grateful for that crisp day,
When she knelt down and decided to pray.

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