Monday, June 29, 2015

Week #55 in Texas/New Mexico - Carlsbad, NM

Hello! My oh my, this week has been so wonderful. I don’t know even where to begin! It has been filled with so many laughs and spiritual experiences. Which is the way missionary work is supposed to be!

So, for some reason I have been such a klutz lately! We went to contact a former investigator, and he didn’t answer, so we went and talked to his neighbors outside. Then, while we were talking to his neighbors, he came outside and we started talking to him on the other side of this fence thing, and it had a bar thing on the top. So I reached to give him a card with our number on it and smacked my head so hard on the bar. Super awkward. And painful, but it was super funny too!

Desire didn’t get baptized this week, but is still progressing very well! She is reading and praying every day, and we met with her almost every day last week. She is really beginning to apply the Gospel into her life more and more and we are really excited for her.

Our awesome less active family that we had been working with moved this week! We were so sad because they were so awesome, and coming to church, and doing daily scriptures and prayer. I love them so much! But I know they can continue to keep those habits even though they moved to Farmington! So sad! :(

We had a miracle happen today! I had to go to the doctors today and I got seen and prescriptions sent to the pharmacy. We went to the pharmacy and they said they didn’t receive them, and to come back in an hour. We went back in an hour, and they still didn’t have them, so I was frustrated because I had to go back to the doctor’s office, and we don’t have much time on p-day to do things. I kind of had a frustrated attitude as we went back and the lady at the doctors office told me to have a seat.  We were siting there and this guy looks at us weird and says "hey what do you guys do?" And we answered that we were missionaries and told him what we do. He told us that he had met with missionaries before but that he had stopped. He also mentioned that he wanted to really know if Joseph Smith was a real prophet, and that he just didn’t know enough about him to make that choice. We were astounded! Then another guy sits down and says "hey sisters! How are your missions going?" He then introduced himself as a guy that is a less active that we were going to go try to visit in an outlying town, but didn’t have the miles available to do so! And he said he really wanted us to come by as well! So we gave them both our number, and we were driving after that and we were both praying that the man would call us, because we didn’t get his info. Then 2 minutes later we get a text and it was him asking for an appointment for today! It was such a miracle. Then of course I felt bad for getting frustrated, and knew that it was God’s will that we needed to meet both of those men! The Lord always provides a way for us to be where we need to be! Even on p-day in a doctor’s office!

We get to have District Meeting, and interviews with President tomorrow. I am super excited!

Thanks for the support during another awesome week!


Hermana Bleyl

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