Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #54 in Texas/New Mexico - Carlsbad, NM

Hello all! Sorry I have to email really early today and can’t chat, we are going to the Carlsbad Caverns as a District again, and I am stoked! It will be really fun to get to do it with Sister Peck and the other newbies in the District! I’m really looking forward to it!

This week has been really good, and crazy, and really good again. Haha! We went to Zone training on Tuesday in Roswell, and I got to go get food at Buffalo Wild Wings! BWW used to be my favorite place before my mission! I went in there and felt so apostate! So, obviously, we got take out because there were TV’s and beer was just another witness to me how much I’ve changed since coming on my mission!

Desire has a baptismal date for this Friday and she has been reading every day and coming to church!! Please pray for her that her nerves will leave, and that she can feel peace and receive the confirmation that she needs right now! We know she is ready, and God knows she is ready, she just needs to step out on that faith. We are really excited for her. She is amazing~!

We biked 6 and a half miles to a senior center on Thursday - in 104 degree heat! It was intense! We didn’t quite know how far it was! Haha! But it was good because we showed the ladies there that we were committed and really wanted to come and serve. And now they love us! :) It was awesome! Not the sunburn though. Whoops!

Also, we have a new development in our...wonderful apartment. I was getting ready for bed and I saw something go under our hallway closet door, and I thought it was a massive cockroach. So I made Sister Peck investigate the closet. She started moving stuff around and, when she picked up the vacuum, a mouse popped out and ran straight towards us and we ran and jumped on our beds. I was crying (obviously), and when Sister Peck was able to stop laughing long enough, she took a video of me bawling. So yeah, that’s super fun. Now I have a video of me bawling from a sheep and from a mouse. Oh how mission life humbles you!

We have had some CRAZY lessons lately. Like some people here are unlike anyone I’ve ever met. So funny. But I really can’t describe them to you well enough on email. Just know that I’m staying entertained for sure! 

It’s been a little bit of an emotional draining week for us, but whenever we have a hard time we take a breather and go sit on the dock behind our apartment, and look at the river and talk. We call them dock talks. Haha :) It’s great to be best friends with your comp so you can talk things out!

I can’t believe how time is flying! It’s crazy. I’m so glad that I get to enjoy it so much and love the work and people.

I love you all! 


Hermana Bleyl

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