Monday, May 4, 2015

Week #47 in Texas/New Mexico - Carlsbad, New Mexico

This week has been so great! I’m adjusting well to Carlsbad still. I have no idea where we are going on the roads, because its huge and confusing, but I have gotten to know our investigators, members, and less actives and that makes a huge difference. They are wonderful! We had a good week of teaching and there are so many opportunities for service here in the community, it is fantastic! And the members here feed us so much, they are so awesome.

So, yesterday we had such a great Sunday! We had our investigator Desire come to church, and a less active named Paul who has been taught for a long time by missionaries ever since he has been less active. He would never come to church, and then he did! He is a single dad and brought his 3 girls ages 5, 4 and 3! It was incredible! And then…PLOT TWIST…we are sitting there on the bench, thinking it couldn't get any better, and Desire hops up and just marches up to the pulpit and bore her testimony! It was an amazing experience to see an investigator bare her testimony  to the congregation. It was a really neat experience. She stayed all three hours, and participated so much in gospel principles and relief society. There are a lot of really good things happening right now, and a lot of people looking for the Gospel. Just now, at the beginning of my email time, I’m sitting at my computer next to this guy and he started asking questions about why we are the nicest dressed people in this library, and I was able to answer his questions and get his info so we can go to his house and teach him! It was wonderful. I love spreading the gospel and the joy that it brings to me in my life.

The people here in Carlsbad are so happy and friendly. It is very refreshing! I’m very much enjoying having fresh eyes to an area and having the Spirit lead us where to go. It has been great.  My comp and I are getting along great and she is a really wonderful teacher. I’m very excited that I get to work with her, in this beautiful area!

I’m excited for Mother’s Day coming up, and the chance to SEE and talk to ya’ll! I can’t wait! I can’t believe a year ago I was in Mexico and had only been out a month. Boy have I learned a lot, yet still know nothing at the same time. It’s a time warp on your mission for sure! But I couldn't be more grateful for it and all that it teaches me every day!

I’ll see you on Sunday! :)


Hermana Bleyl

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