Friday, April 10, 2015

Week #43 in Texas - Monahans, TX

Wow! Things are sure heating up quick here in Texas! Bring on the watch and shoe tans again!

What an amazing opportunity we had to listen to our Prophet, Apostles and other General Authorities speak this weekend! The Spirit is so strong as we listen to the inspired words that God himself would tell us if he were here. What an amazing opportunity!

We have only been able to meet with Everett once this week, his schedule is kind of catching up with him, but he is still doing good. Please pray for him that he will continue to progress and resist the temptations of the adversary.

So…funny story of the week--remember that guy named Nester who we thought was a STELLAR investigator... Well, we showed up for another appointment and he came out acting all shy and HE’S WEARING HIS GARMENT TOP. We died. Soooo he is a member, and he served a mission in Guatemala, and he is from Honduras. We laughed so hard. But his 2 roommates are not members and are very interested! So he helps them remember to read in between our lessons! It’s super cool! But yeah...plot twist of the week!

K rant time-- Can I just express how much I dearly love my companion? God was so keenly aware when he put us together and I really adore her. We help each other so much, and grow every day from each other’s examples. Her personality is so great and we just get along with each other, and teach so well together. I know that this looks like she probably stole my computer and wrote this, but it’s really from me. And I really do love her that much! Plus more! Also she has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard and she graces me with it every day :) If you wanna know how amazing her voice is look, her up on YouTube or iTunes under Kristi Krause. :) I love her :)

I’ve been very very grateful for the guidance of our leaders and our dear Prophet and all they go through. We are so blessed to be able to hear from them every 6 months, and receive guidance that we need at this day and age. Basically, what I got from all of the talks is that I need to get married and be obedient! Ha, give me some time on the marriage thing! But I can be obedient right now :)

We really are in the last days and I am grateful for all the tools our Father in Heaven gives us to be able to withstand the evils of our day. I’m grateful for the commandments and how happy and safe they keep us. I love this gospel and I love seeing it light people’s eyes as they hear about it!! I have the best job in the world! This work (if you could even call it work) is so amazing!! I love it more and more each day!


Hermana Bleyl

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