Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week #42 in Texas - Monahans, TX

Oh boy. How to sum up this week! Isn’t it just amazing how we can pick a flaw we want to work on in ourselves, and pray to God for help, and He sends the exact experiences to us that help us buff out those rough edges? For example, Sister Krause and I have been praying for a lot of patience these past few weeks and what happened? We got a lot of slow old people in front of us at the check out line in the store. And what happens when I pray for my Spanish to improve and God is aware I’m afraid of big groups of guys our age? He puts a big group of guys our age who ONLY speak Spanish in our path! God really does help us with our weaknesses! Especially when we pray for help with them. So we marched right up to that group of guys, got a return appointment, and went back and taught them last night. It was AMAZING. They all read from the Book of Mormon together, and had their questions ready for us! That never really happens. It was amazing and we are going back to teach them more. Sister Krause and I have been trying to work on our unity in teaching, because it’s hard when I’m speaking Spanish, and she is speaking English. But we prayed for help, then the group of guys said "we want to learn more English, so can you teach in both Spanish and English?  We were like "Yes! Yes we can!" Very cool answer to prayers. One of the guys, Nester, is very interested and has lots of friends who are members in Honduras, where he is originally from. We are excited to teach them more!

We taught Javier this week and set a baptismal date with him for April 11! So hopefully he went to church in El Paso, so that is still a go! He is so adorable. During our lesson he told us he was out working in his tractor and he looked up and saw the church building way in the distance and though to himself "That is my church!" Oh man. He kills us. He has so much faith and dedication!

We had a really spiritual experience this week. Saturday night we felt prompted to call Everett and see how he was doing. We talked for a while, and just wanted to share a few scriptures with him, and all the sudden he broke down and told us that he knows that this is all true. We were all bawling and felt the Spirit so strong. It’s been a long time coming, but he knows it’s true and nothing is going to stop him now. We were praying, and praying, and he FINALLY came to church on Sunday!! He works nights now, so he met with us at 3, then he went to work at 4 until Sunday morning at 7, then stayed up and came to church at 10. He stayed all 3 hours and loved it, then went home and slept until he had to go back to work at 4! He is so dedicated. He barely got any sleep, and didn’t even care because he knows its all true. It was amazing. And he loved it. Now all that is holding him back is the Word of Wisdom! So please pray that Everett will have the strength to quick smoking and drinking coffee! The desire is there, just added prayers and extra strength would be wonderful! Thank you!!

There is so much happening here and the Lord is really hastening His work!! Thank you for all your support and your prayers. I really feel them and they make a huge difference! I hope ya’ll have a wonderful Easter and conference weekend thinking about the Savior and the amazing sacrifice that he did for all of us!


Hermana Bleyl

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