Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week #37 in Texas - Monahans, TX

Goodness, I feel like every time I turn around I am emailing again! The weeks are just blowing by, way too quickly! Ah. Can’t even talk about it. Anyways!

This week has been really great! We were so so excited because we have been working with this less active named Clara for so long, and teaching her lessons and we would never see much progress, but still felt like we were supposed to keep going over there. Then on Sunday she came to church!!! Not only did she come, but she brought 5 of her grandchildren and her boyfriend who is also a less active. It was so amazing. I saw her walking into the building and I just got tears in my eyes because I could feel how proud of her that God was. She walked into the building and took a deep breath and just said "I’m home." It was really amazing.

We have a really stellar investigator right now who’s name is Everett. We have been teaching him for a few weeks. We just met him street contacting, and when we went to have our first lesson with him, we brought a member named sister Barmore, and he opened the door and they both freaked out because they had known each other as kids and haven’t seen each other in years. And, apparently the members dad, who happens to be in the Mission Presidency, took him to church years ago when he was in like 4th grade. So that was really cool to see! Small towns are just wonderful :) We have had 3 more lessons since then, and have had them in the members’ home with their whole family. Everett comes from a Baptist background, and as we were teaching him, the member, who converted from Baptist 20+ years ago, was able to chime in and bear his testimony about how he came to know it was true. It was such a perfect lesson with perfect fellowship! It all just turned out so amazing. The Lord is so aware of everything going on.

Sister Krause and I have really been focusing on Christ like attributes lately, and it has really changed my life and my perspective on things. The more and more I come to realize who the Savior is, and the way he lived his life, the more I am able to pattern my daily doings off of that. I have been especially focusing on pointing out these attributes in others, and it has been extremely beneficial because I can see the good in each person, and feel Gods overwhelming love for them. Sometimes the task gets heavy, talking to everyone and having them unload their problems and challenges on you.  But the more I understand the Gospel, the more I realize how to heal people and help get that weight off their shoulders that they so desperately need removed.

I wish I had unlimited time, and words and ways to be able to express to you what a mission is really like out here. Everything I ever heard about missions before is nothing what it is really like. I had no idea what a mission was. I am grateful every day for my decision to come out here, because each day I am reminded what my life could be like without this Gospel, and that my testimony is being more solidified each and every day. I know that these experiences and decisions I make now, will affect my current family, my future family, and my posterity.

My heart is full when I think about the abundance that the Lord has blessed me with. I love ya’ll!


Hermana Bleyl

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