Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week #35 in Texas - Monahans, TX

This week has been really great! We have been struggling a little bit with trying to find new investigators here in Monahans, who are elect and ready to receive this Gospel! It’s been difficult because all the people here are very laid back and are very "I’ll do it when I do it" type of a group! But, it just helps us better identify those who are really prepared!

So remember that less active named Marie that we are working with? The wicken? She is so awesome! We set up a dinner with her and her 2 girls, and Sister Page, who just moved to the branch a few weeks ago from Utah! It was SO good! She enjoyed it so much and it was great fellowship, and then we were able to teach a short lesson afterwards. It was just another testimony to me of how important the members are in this work! We cannot do anything without them. Then we went back later in the week to clean more! And we helped her clean her yard and helped her out for a few hours and it was really cool. Then her friend came by and was talking to Marie and said "What are they doing here? I thought you hated Mormons?" then Marie said "no, you were the one who said you hated Mormons!" and Sister Krause and I were right there and we were both like acca-awkward...but then we were working really hard in the hot and got a lot done, and before we were about to leave the lady came up to us and genuinely thanked us for helping. It really meant a lot to her and it really softened her heart! It was really cool to see.

So on Friday we went to go try this guy that was in our records on our potentials sheet. All we knew was that his name was Leonard and his address! So we went and parked on the other side of the street, said a prayer, and got out and barely started walking towards his home, when a lady that lived next door came running out of her house right towards us. We were super confused at first, thinking she was going to someone behind us, but then she started talking to us and asked if we were looking for Leonard. We said yes, and she said "Oh! he is over here at my house helping me with my taxes! I’ll go get him!" But she looked kinda confused as to why she had just ran out of her house, and we were confused beyond belief, so we all were kinda just like...well lets go talk to Leonard! Then he ended up being interested and setting up a return appointment. It was really cool! But, without that lady, we would have knocked his door and missed him, but we were supposed to talk to him that day so the Lord made it happen!

We had the most inspired lesson with our new investigator named Everett yesterday. We went and stopped by on Saturday night to remind him about our appointment the following day, and gave him a Book of Mormon and to start reading. Then we went back the next day for our appointment, and we brought Brother and Sister Page with us. He had read the intro of the Book of Mormon, and was really interested! Then we taught him the Restoration and the Spirit was SO strong. One of the times I have felt it the most strong on my mission. It was so physically in the air, it felt like you could reach out and grab it. And when I told the First Vision, I got SO SO hot and my body felt like it was on fire, it was really amazing. And he felt it too! We asked him what he would do when he finds out that these things are true and he said "Then I would switch my membership over in a second! Wouldn’t everyone?" He has been so prepared and he is so humble and his heart is so softened. And Brother and Sister Page were such great fellowship and shared their strong testimonies on the Book of Mormon. When we got out of the lesson, all 4 of us were changed. We could all feel it, and it is so amazing how that lesson was not just for Everett, but the Spirit strengthened all of us as well. These experiences are ones that will stay with me for the rest of my life! The Spirit truly is the one and only true teacher.

We have been bringing our cute little recent convert named Presley out with us to some lessons and it has been so good! She is 15 and her and her mom and dad just got baptized in August. She is so mature and strong and we love bringing her out with us! She went home after our lessons with her and told her mom that she wanted to go on a mission! We were so excited for her! It will truly be such a strength to her and her family to have her so converted. This work really heals families and individuals hearts.

Sister Krause and I get along so great! I keep wondering what I have done to be blessed to have been with so many wonderful companions. It truly makes all the difference!

I love you all!

Hermana Bleyl

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