Monday, February 2, 2015

Week #34 in Texas - Monahans, TX

Changes! Transfers are always super crazy and super amazing at the same time! My dear companion Sister Davidson is home sweet home back in Utah, and I am really excited for her to start her new journey, even though I miss her like mad! :) I dropped her off on Tuesday, and stayed the night in Odessa with Sister Smith, and worked that day and the next day until the transfer bus came at noon on Wednesday to pick up my new comp! Goodness gracious God loves me so much, because I haven’t had one companion that I have not LOVED. Sister Krause is from San Diego, California and she is 21! And we are both the same mission age! Even though she didn’t come out to the field with me at the same time, because of the English missionary thing, we both go home on the same day! So that’s exciting! She is seriously a doll. We were in Odessa, so I took advantage of that and went and bought kombuchas at a health food store.  The first thing she says when she gets in the car and sees them is "Oh I love kombucha! Have you ever been to Teavana?" Seriously we are like soul mates. Haha! God is so aware of me!

So from day 2 of her being here, we automatically knew exactly why we were companions. It was so amazing. We just started talking and basically shared our testimonies and realized that we have so much in common, and problems that we each had and felt like no one understood, and we both had been through it. God is so aware of each of us and knew that we needed to be together! And it is so amazing that President Heap is so in tune with the Spirit to know where exactly everyone needs to be.

We had an amazing miracle this week. We got a new branch roster, and there were names we knew nothing about. So we would just pray and go try the names that stood out to us. One of the names was a part-member family, and the member is the wife named Marie. We looked for her house and could not find it! Then we realized it was on the other side of town. So finally we made it down there, and the place looked abandoned. We went up, and there is nothing in the house. So we went around back and there is a fence, and tons of huge pitbulls behind it, so we couldn’t knock on the little house behind it. We had so much opposition in meeting this girl that we knew that we were supposed to be there and we could just feel it. So I prayed in my heart and, as I did, I looked up and a man came out of a trailer behind the gate and came to us. Turned out he is the father in law of the girl we were looking for, and said they lived in a trailer next door! We got to talk to him about the Gospel and it was an amazing conversation, and THEN we got to know where this lady was! So we approached this giant slab of tin that has "NO TRESPASSING" spray painted on it, and didn’t know how to get through to the trailer! Then her husband came walking out and went to get her! So amazing. So she came out, and her face didn’t exactly say hello. She came over and looked up at the sky and said "it didn’t work last time God! It wont work this time!" So good start right? We thought so. Then we just started talking to her and getting to know her. She said she had become a wicken and that she had told the other missionaries not to come back. But then the Spirit just prompted us to ask her questions about her family and life, and before we knew it we were all laughing together and having a good time. Her countenance completely changed and she said "Do you want to stay for dinner?" Talk about being BLINDSIDED. HER face even seemed surprised that she said it. We said of course, and she invited us into her trailer! We go in and…oh my goodness! I’ve never seen such a place. She has a 2 year old, and a three year old, and we just instantly went to work and started doing her dishes and sweeping and cleaning all we could. We don’t normally do that unless we are asked, but we felt like we were supposed to. And she was SO appreciative. Then, as we were cleaning, SHE brings up the Book of Mormon and finds it in her clutter. Then she started talking to us about coming to church and stuff. We couldn’t believe our ears. She hadn’t been for years and years. Then her husband walked in and she boldly stated "hunny, the missionaries are coming over once a week to help me clean and to teach a lesson." We were like .....yes! Yes we are! It was so amazing. We talked to the members later about her and they said she wouldn’t ever even talk to missionaries, let alone invite them in. What a tender mercy!

We have just been seeing so many blessings everywhere we go. It is going to be an AMAZING transfer. I am so grateful!

We have really been able to feel God’s love for us so strong and we have found new purpose in our callings in trying to heal anyone and everyone through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.


Hermana Bleyl

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