Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week #19 in Texas - Hereford, TX

Oh hello!

Things are going so good here in cold Texas! it gets unexpectedly cold here, I wasn't prepared for that. Haha!

But things here are doing wonderful and the work is progressing so well! People on the streets here just respond to the message so well! Well...most of them :) But for the most part, everyone is so nice to us! We are teaching LOTS of new potentials! We did lots of finding people when we were on exchanges this week, and are booked with return appointments until Thursday! Such a blessing!

We set a baptismal date with our investigator, Ramon, today! He is so amazing! We have met with him about 4 times now and he has read to Chapter 18 in the Book of Mormon! He is a golden investigator, we hope all goes well with everything!

When we were on exchanges this week, it's a little difficult because the STLs don't speak any Spanish, but it really helps me to grow because I can't rely on my companion with my Spanish. So we knocked this guys house, who we thought was a less active, but this lady answered the door and only spoke Spanish. I was able to ask and find out that he didn't live there, but was able to get her interested and get a return appointment with her! it was a boost for me in my Spanish, because I can teach a lesson in Spanish easily, but my conversational Spanish is rough. Haha! But I was so happy I was able to do that! Then we went back and taught her a lesson and she is interested :) yay!

The funniest thing happened the other day- We were teaching this less active named Jesus who speaks both Spanish and English. And we were teaching him a lesson and every time I would talk, he would respond to me in English, but no matter how many times Sister Gonzalez answered in English, he would refuse to speak to her in anything but Spanish. It was SO FUNNY. So we had this Spaniglish lesson going on, and he would translate anything we said in English to her. We were DYING. We got those uncontrollable giggles that make your face all hot and you try with all your might to stop laughing. They were the Ashlie/Traci giggles. Haha!  We were both like "what is going on here??" Haha it just couldn't click in his brain that her brown face could speak English, even though he could too.. Oh man. Too funny. Good times.

We have so many funny and spiritual experiences every day, that it's hard to keep up! It is so amazing. I wouldn't trade my mission for the world. It is teaching me so many things that I want for my family and my future family, and so many things that I am going to make sure DON'T happen with me and my family. I am learning more and more every day of my worth and my divinity, and every thing else dominos from there. It is so wonderful!

Thanks for all your support-it always means so much to me!

I love you all--

Con Amor,

Hermana Bleyl

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