Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week #13 in Texas - Hereford, TX

Hello from hot Texas! Woo its been a blazer these last couple days! But it has been so good! My area is completely on fire! The work is hastening so quickly here its just amazing!
We had 2 baptisms on Saturday for Aquilla and Delilah, and we couldn't be more excited for them! They went so well and it was a wonderful day. We also have 2 more baptisms coming up, one being for Delilahs 8 year old son! We are so excited! And the other was the coolest story of how we met him. We were at the church in the middle of the week for Aquillas baptismal interview with our district leader and his companion. We were waiting for Aquilla, when all the sudden this man comes in with his son and says "The Mormon church! I finally found it!" And he proceeds to tell us he moved to Hereford a couple months ago, and he and his older son were just baptized somewhere else, and that they were looking everywhere for the church. Then he said "This is my son Branden. He'ds 10 years old and he wants to be baptized too! Do you have those guys that come to peoples house and teach them so they can be baptized?" Sister Gonzalez and I look at each other and raise our hands. Haha, we were like "Present!" It was amazing! We had THEM coming to look for US! It was a wonderful experience, and we have been teaching Branden and he will be baptized on the 12th! What a blessing!

This work that we are engaged in is so amazing, and the Lords hand is in ALL of it. We are really excited too because we had zone conference yesterday and the Mission President made some announcements! One of them being we are now allowed to go to the temple once a transfer!! We are so stoked! It used to be once every 6 months, and now it's once every 6 weeks! What a huge blessing! Now we get to go with our recent converts and watch them do baptisms! Such a huge blessing.

I am so grateful for this work, and the opportunity I have to be a part of it. It absolutely blows my mind how much God is in our lives. Nothing is ever a coincidence, and the Lord knows each of us so personally. I'm so glad for my mission, and I can't imagine my life without having these experiences and challenges. I knew the church was true, but now I know how and why it is true, with a surety. This gospel changes lives, don't go a day without sharing it with everyone around you. The members are the key! We are the full time teachers, but YOU are the full time finders. We cannot do this work without your help. It is your responsibility to share what you know. The Lord knows exactly who the members of His true gospel are, and he is putting people in your path to share the knowledge with. So dont let Him down!

I love each of you and I'm so grateful for all the support from everyone.

This church is the only true church on the face of the earth, and you know about it. Get goin! :)


Hermana Bleyl

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