Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week #8 in Texas - Hereford, TX

Ah! Nothing like a good hard week of work after feeling so sick for so long! It has really made me appreciate going out and teaching! I am all better now and healthy! The doctors couldn't find anything wrong in the tests, and we were super frustrated. Then my wonderful comp and I started talking and we realized that I was SO stressed about anything and everything. Even all the dumb stuff that I shouldn't stress about! It was horrible. But once we talked things out I was able to figure all that I was stressed about, then I prayed and I gave it all to the Lord. I had to just let go of things that weren't in my control. As soon as I did that, all the symptoms stopped and I wasn't tired anymore. I've been healthy and working hard ever since. Such a blessing! The Lord is helping me always and is so mindful of me. I know that he really loves me so much.

This week has been so amazing!! The highlight being we had a baptism on Saturday! YAY! It is for a lady named Tina that we have been teaching and she was so ready! It all went smoothly and she was able to be confirmed on Sunday in sacrament meeting. Her boyfriend is a member as well and they are planning on being married in the temple in a year. It was SUCH a tender and spiritual experience. We are so proud of her!

So the other day Hermana Ogles and I had an appointment with a less active. We get there and he had forgotten and wasn't home. But he never forgets! So we knew that there was someone else that we were supposed to be seeing at that time. So we said a prayer and both said the same name of a different less active we both felt like we should visit! I LOVE the Spirit! Out of all the people, we both felt the same person. So we start driving and we go down the wrong street. so we are driving down the street and I see this man standing in his driveway and he looked SO familiar to me! I asked Hermana Ogles if we knew him, and she said she didn't recognize him, but I was POSITIVE that we knew him. So we turn around and stop, and we get out and go talk to him. and as I walked up, I didn't recognize him at all! It was almost like he had a different face! It was crazy! But we start talking to him and we end up talking for about a half hour, and he is pretty interested and prepared! We have an appointment next week to teach him and his family. The Lord just knew we needed to 'think' we recognized him to be able to stop, cause we wouldn't have stopped any other way. It was a miracle and such a tender mercy. If there is one thing I learned this week, it's that there are no fallen through appointments, we just didn't plan exactly what the Lord wanted us to be doing at that time! But He always leads us there eventually!

We had an appointment with these guys that we met who moved into an apartment of a previous investigator. It's about 10 Hispanic men who live in this apartment and so we went to go talk to them. We were sharing a message outside and then they just whip out a BBQ and made us some carne asada tacos! They were so yummy! People are so nice to us!

Yesterday was a VERY hard day though. It was really good and rewarding, but all day long it seemed like we just saw Satan at every turn. It was kind of one of those "there is so much bad in the world!!" type of days. Lots of domestic violence and alcohol whenever we talked to people. But in EVERY situation you could find the good and the Lord's hand in everything. We are meeting so many people who are ready to hear the gospel that the Lord has prepared for us. It is so wonderful!!

Also one of our hardest investigators to teach because of a learning disability is progressing now! We are finally seeing the fruits of our labors with him. He is now learning how to pray, and he used to be PAINFULLY shy, and now he has opened up and participates in church! And he comes every week. He also usually wears a stained tshirt and sweats to church, which is fine, we just want him to be there! But yesterday he walks in to church, and he was wearing a button up shirt and nice shoes! Hermana Ogles and I freaked out!! We were so excited. Also, he said the sweetest prayer yesterday. All he said was "Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for this meeting today, and I wanna ask you "Do you love me?"" The Spirit was SO strong. It was beautiful. His whole life is changing because of the Gospel.

This Gospel is changing the world! I am so excited to be a part of it and how much I am strengthened in the Gospel because of other people that God puts in my path!

Thank you for all the support, I love you!

Con Amor,
Hermana Bleyl

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