Monday, June 2, 2014

Week #2 in Texas - Hereford, TX

Well this week has definitely been better then last week! Haha the adjusting is kind of over. But now I am just engaged in the work and so excited about it! We have been having a lot of success, and the Lord has truly been preparing the people her for sister missionaries. I am so excited!

We had the opportunity to have a crazy experience talking with a guy that had a baptism date that we set, but then his friend came over and started bible bashing and such. It was my first opportunity to be in that situation and it was a great practice of how to not get angry and to teach the situation, he was drinking a lot and I thought at one point he might throw a punch, but I was able to kinda diffuse the situation, and it actually became a great teaching opportunity. It is really hard here to teach, because everyone believes in God and the bible, and it’s trying to teach them about the Book of Mormon and adding to it that they struggle with. But it definitely has been a good experience. But we were able to part with that guy by not burning any bridges and we invited him to read the book of Mormon and pray about it and he said he would think about it! haha crazy!

Also we went on exchanges this past Thursday, and me and Sister Calderwood rode up on our bikes to some people sitting on their porch. We pull up and ask how they are doing and the lady says good, but we aren't interested in the church! I got kinda scared but Sister Calderwood just starts going off about family history and if this lady had done it before. Turns out she was super interested in doing it, and that she was excited to try the Church’s free site. The next thing we know we are teaching her about Christ and she was the one inviting us back. Super interesting! We are just able to open our mouths and soften people’s hearts!

It is so amazing here and the Lord just pours his blessing out on us! We are working so hard and never have a free minute to breathe! It’s definitely an adjustment, but when you love the work you are doing, it is so worth it! We have 2 more baptismal dates this week, one of them being a man who has been Catholic for 87 years! So cool, because it is really hard to convert Catholics. They are so devout! But I was able to recite the First Vision to him in Spanish, and after I did he said “Now that I can’t deny”. It was beautiful and the Spirit was so strong. And he is getting baptized! Super exciting!

I have definitely taken our amazing Ward for granted and I miss it so much! The branch here is so tiny, but very strong. It’s great to see. They have 4 Young Women total. I told my comp that I can’t even fathom that, and that we had like 20 that are only Beehives! Haha, but we get to teach Young Womens in a few weeks, and we are so excited to drill missionary work into them! Haha

This experience has changed my life, and I can’t imagine continuing on my life without this knowledge and complete trust in the Lord. It’s really going to bless me throughout my whole life! The Lord knows us all specifically and it’s amazing. I am so excited to continue the work!

Hermana Bleyl

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