Monday, June 9, 2014

Week #3 in Texas - Hereford, TX

Okay! So this week, I have been sick for quite a bit of it and I have been going crazy in the apartment! It’s crazy how much I just want to get out a work! I know! I surprise myself! It just makes me so happy and feel so good when I teach people! You forget about everything else completely when you teach, and all you think about is that person, and how the Gospel can bless them specifically in their lives. I love it!

So this week has had the craziest weather!! Tuesday had a high of 109 degrees, and didn't go under a 100 ALL DAY. When it was time to go in at about 9:15, it was still 102. It was insane! It was so hot! Then, the past few nights we have had tornado warnings and told to take cover! We have these huge storms that sounds like our windows are gonna break! They are really cool storms! My comp and I really enjoy them. We get alerts sent to our phone to tell us when extreme weather comes, and the members keep us pretty informed too :) The members take such good care of us! But the storms are so cool! I have a few pics :)

So that guy Russell I think I talked about last time, who was the Bible basher is back! We were knocking doors and he comes riding up on his bike. He is actually really nice. He starts talking to us about the neighborhood, and before we knew, he was giving us names and addresses of people he wants us to go visit to teach! So unexpected! He said that he really agreed with what we were doing and wants to help us help others find God. Really cool! And he said that he would continue looking for people to teach! Even our Bible basher gets us referrals! Then he came back and had picked us roses and gave them to us. Haha then he said he was going to get a cold beer and took off. Crazy man! But helpful!

Also we are teaching a man named Rudy. Oh wow! What a miracle. Someone on the street gave us a fake number, so when we called, this man named Rudy answered. He told us we had the wrong number, then we told him who we were and he said he wasn't interested. Then he texted us a couple days later and said he was interested. So we went over and now we are teaching him and he is progressing so well! Oh my! He reads his Book of Mormon every day and prays. And we gave him a church tour and he really desires to be baptized. It was such a miracle that we found him! the Lord has it all worked out and its all in his due time!

I don't know if it is just this area, but something I didn't expect is almost our whole teaching pool is single guys our age. Haha, it’s kinda weird, but they really relate to us and it actually works out really great! We are able to talk to them on a level that they’d probably ignore if it was someone older. I love seeing the light of understanding come into their eyes! yay! My companion keeps laughing at me though because I’m super oblivious and she watches people give me the once over and just laughs cause I just smile and wave and don't notice. Haha! Oh Utah, how you have sheltered me!

We had District meeting like we do every Tuesday, but this time we got to go to lunch together! So fun! We went to a Thai restaurant in Canyon and it was so yummy! I missed Thai food a lot! It’s no Thai Chili Gardens, but it was good enough! It’s awesome getting to know more missionaries, and our District Leader Elder Walbeck is so awesome. They are great examples to me of how to continue to do better each day! I love it!

I love missionary work and I am so grateful for this opportunity and for all the love and support that I receive from you guys! Shout out to my bestie Steph Getts who wrote me this week, I’m sending one your way! All ya’ll can learn from her example :)

Love you all and miss you so much! :)

Hermana Bleyl

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