Thursday, May 15, 2014

WOW! I can’t believe that this is my final few days in the CCM! We picked up our itineraries this morning and we are all so stoked! We cant believe that we are finally going to be real missionaries. I leave at 3 am on Sunday night/morning and my flight takes off at 7:30 Monday morning! Then I am off to Texas! I do get to call you guys from the airport! So excited! I don’t know what time or anything or for how long, but we have like a two hour layover in Dallas, so maybe then ;) but we cannot wait! New adventures, but it will be really really sad to say goodbye to my girls. We are so close. And also our district. All our elders are going to Chile. I am so excited for them! But I will miss them so much. I have already made lifetime friends here. 

So since me and my companion are basically the same person, we have the same exact cardigan and pink skirts, so we decided to match and everyone thought it was so funny. It was awesome. We took a picture with her camera, soooo you will see it in 17 months cause she cant plug hers in haha.

I can’t believe that I hit my month mark last week. It is so crazy to me. So sad that its going by so quick! I love this work! On our month mark we got to celebrate with a little Martinellis! So fun! Thanks again dad! I also got the fruit basket you sent! Oh man! Everyone got sent junk food and candy, and I was so stoked at how well you guys know me! Everyone was like no fair! haha I shared with my district and it was so fun! They have a fruit in it that we had one time here in the CCM and we call them snot apples because its like an apple you break open and it has like fish eggs and boogers in it. haha its one of the elders favorite so he ate it! haha it came with a little spicy powder to put on the fruit and it was so yummy! And there was baby bananas that I’m obsessed with. In Spanish, when something is little you add ITOS on the end, so they are called plantenitos here and they are my fave. Thanks so much for it! It was such a nice surprise! 

It’s been really weird to be doing the last days of the week here. Every day we say its our last Monday! Or its our last Tuesday! It’s crazy to experience everything here for the last time. We want to have a little fiesta, and we have all been craving gold fish crackers like nobody’s business haha. So we asked our teacher and she didn’t know what they were haha. So we Googled it and she said she would try to find them for us! yay!

We had our last visit with Alexa (our investigator) and it was kinda weird. We were sad about it but we were really excited we got to teach her everything we wanted to. We had to teach our investigators La Ley de Castidad again. (the law of chastity) always a favorite lesson. NOT. At least it’s not as awkward in Spanish haha. I’m over it though. Sort of. ;)

Shout-out to my bestie Colton for turning 18! My little boy is growing up so quick! I hope it was the best birthday ever! I love you!

Also, Amber, if you could stop getting in car accidents that’d be fantastic! Jeez girl! So scary! I’m so glad you are okay. 

It was so good to Skype on Sunday! Super bummed I didn’t have a webcam so you couldn’t see me, but I will take what I can get and it was so good to see you guys! I loved having so many people there to see!

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to serve and to be able to learn this language. I know that it will help me so much in my life! It’s a beautiful language and I’m so happy to be a part of it. The Lord blesses me, and my companions so much each day! I can’t wait to help bring his sheep to the fold! I can’t wait! 

Well this is it! Next time I write, I will be in Texas and everything will be so different! I can’t wait to embark on this new opportunity! 


 Hermana Bleyl

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