Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 8, 2014 - Letter from CCM Mexico City

Ah! I can’t believe that it has been another week. That seriously just flew right by! Things here go by so fast now! So as for the Skype info, we are going to Skype you at 3:30 Mexico time. So that’s 2:30 there I’m pretty sure, dad you will know! ;) I can’t wait! I can’t wait to see you guys and be able to talk! We only have 25 minutes to Skype, so try and think of stuff to say before we get on haha its not very much time, but I will take it! 

So there is a company that is called, and it does send letters to the Mexico MTC. My roommate has gotten some. It's kinda like a email, but I get it the same day and they deliver it to me, so if you need to tell me something in the middle of the week or anything, you can send one of those! I would love to get one!

I got your cute package on Cinco de Mayo and I absolutely loved it! Mine was the biggest package in the post office, and everyone was so excited to see what it was! Yesterday we brought it to the comedor to ask one of the workers if they had a bottle opener, and the guy started laughing so hard haha then he went to the back and opened it, and came back with the bottle and his phone and he tells us foto! foto! haha so he took a picture of me and Hermana Newland with the bottle. haha they thought it was so hilarious! It was definitely a big hit! It was so fun! Thank you ;) my whole district enjoyed some! 

Funny story-- Taylor will appreciate this especially. My companion and I were talking and it came up of how we tease our siblings and she said that her and her brothers would tease their little brother Kaden by calling him Nigel and it would make him bawl. I laughed so hard and told her that we call Carter Timmy and that he gets so frustrated and cries. We had a good laugh over that. We are seriously like the same person! We say the same things all the time, and both laugh at the same things. So good. 

We had a devotional with Elder Holland on Tuesday and it was seriously life changing. It was one of the most amazing talks I have ever heard. He is so powerful. He talked how we cannot invite any investigators to come to where we are spiritually, unless we go to them first. And we will not have any conversions, unless the first one is our own. We want our investigators to pray harder, and the lord wants us to pray harder. We want them to repent, and the lord wants us to repent. It goes both ways. If we are not living the way we are supposed to, how can we possibly teach and expect that of someone else? It was so good! Definitely changed my whole perspective.

So we found out in Elder Holland’s talk that our president at the CCM was companions with Elder Holland in their missions! Unbelievable! Could you imagine being a companion with a future apostle of the Lord?? So cool.

Another funny story-- my companion and I ran to the bathroom before the devotional on Tuesday and we realized that we literally both had no toilet paper. So we had to sit there and wait and finally we hear foot steps and my companion yells “hey do you think you could get us some toilet paper??” And the girl just ignored her! haha so I go “please! We really need some!” haha so we hear the little automatic paper towel machine go and a hand just comes under with one tiny piece of toilet paper, and we were both like umm thank you? haha we both laughed so hard and we were so humiliated walking out of there. haha stuff like this happens all the time. 

Oh also! We had an earthquake about an hour ago haha we were in the auditorium and my comp was playing the piano and some workers come down yelling “Sisters! There is an earthquake!” haha we didn’t even hear the alarm. Funny stuff! 

So something pretty traumatizing happened yesterday at breakfast! They always leave the doors to the comedor open, and a bird flew into the comdeor and everyone was watching it fly around, and then it just flew full speed right into a window right in front of us and it just fell and died. It was so sad. We were all pretty sad for a while. RIP Flappy!

I ran into my roommate from Heritage Tours yesterday! She had just gotten her yesterday! She is going to the McAllen Texas mission right next to Lubbock! It was her first day yesterday! You couldn’t pay me enough money to be back there haha but she seems to be doing good! Her name is Natalie Hunter! It’s crazy that we both end up here at the same time!

I love my district here so much, and it is going to be really hard to leave them. I’ve gotten really close with each of them! It’s crazy how close you can get with people in so short a time. I feel like I have known them for years!

I love, love getting all your emails! Please keep the support coming ;) also I’m leaving in 10 days not including today! So if you would like to send me a letter, you can send it to my mission home in Lubbock ;)

I cant wait to you on Skype and talk to you guys! It’s going to be so amazing! I miss and love you so much and I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve my mission. I’m going to teach people what makes me so happy in my life, and I cant wait to fulfill my objective and help bring others unto Christ.


 Hermana Bleyl ;)

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